Invisible icon in Calendar after upgrade to /e/ 0.14 on FP3

I upgraded my Fairphone 3 from 0.13 to 0.14-2021012698470.
The upgrade worked well, but some icons have become invisible in some apps.
For example, there was a visible icon in the calendar app, on the right of the date, that allowed to go to the current date.

The icon is still there, but is not visible any more. If you tap in the blank space on the right of the date, it works.
But it’s, of course, not very user-friendly.

I suppose it’s a consequence of the UI revamping that comes with version 0.14

I had a similar issue with another app, where the icon was still visible, but much less than before. But I can’t find it anymore for now…

For anybody interested in this issue, it’s still in v0.15.
But I reported it on gitlab, and it seems to be on good track :