Is automatic firmware update planned (and possible) on Murena one,Terra cube and Fair Phones?

If I understand well, usual android phones are updating the firmwares (vendor’s specific software for controlling the phone’s internal hardware) automatically with the “Over The Air” method along with os updates.
This is note done with lineage nor e os but as the Murena one, Terra cube and fair phone vendors have probably shared their firmwares with Murena, will those firmwares be automatically updated through e os ?

Subsequent question is : does volte vowifi works on those three phones ? Terra cube page says it does not work but fair phone bugs page do not mention that.


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Murena One should get firmware updates, because how else? It’s Murena’s own phone.

Fairphone 3/3+ and 4 should get firmware updates due to official partnership between e foundation and Fairphone.

Don’t know about Teracube. (Terra Cubes are not phones :wink: .)


Can confirm that VoLTE works on FP4 (still I assume it depends on the used mobile provider)


For what it’s worth, I can confirm VoLTE is working on my Fairphone 3 with German provider Telekom.


OK, thank you guys.

So next phone I buy will be Murena one.

How important are firmwares updates in your opinion ?

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So I’m also wondering about updates to my oneplus7T, which has a stable v1.0 build installed through the easy installer application. That version is from May, so the android security patch is quite old. Just for that reason, regular firmware updates are important to me but I don’t know how often I’ll get them through the built in updater.

Note that this topic is about the rather sporadic vendor firmware updates, not the regular Android security updates.

Strange thing is that dev builds are out there up to 1.3-r, while stable OTA updates seem to stall at 1.0-r.

@Manoj: Is there an issue with stable builds for hotdogb (OnePlus 7T)?

The team has responded that some of the device builds got accidentally removed before being published. The builds should be available in v1.4


My phone’s updater found v1.4 stable (hotdogb) today. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t performed the install yet. Thanks for your help.

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