Is /e/ better than all the other android roms (ie lineageOS)?

Is there a comparison chart? Pros? Cons? Any and all commentary is welcome as I am selling my iPhone soon and purchasing and android so I can mod it and be free of evil-tech software on my phone as much as possible

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

If I may… dont do this. Number of NO's heavily overpowers the YES's. /e/ is not a bad OS, but there is nothing better than iOS.


I have only just discovered the topic.
iOS is the last dirt, you have NO freedom there, EVERYTHING is predetermined by Apple, what you can and can not.
Alone that already on Telegram channels and groups are censored, is a NoGo.

But now to /e/ Android.
/e/ Android is Google free, that’s the biggest difference to LineageOS, then there are smaller differences, for example the launcher, which is according to several people aligned to iOS. However, everyone I know uses a different launcher, since that of /e/ Android is very narrowed, in the settings.

I use the same Xiaomi Redmi Note 9pro with the GSI image which I create myself. Cell phone costs in Germany about 219€ and is a TOP phone.

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Troll, why are you here?

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That’s a bit harsh. @macfanpl has only expressed his opinion, not even criticising eOS.


He comes into a forum about a concrete OS, names himself a fanboy of another OS many people here want to get rid of and tells us “there is nothing better”. This is an intended provocation and exactly what a typical troll does.


I quoted him in another thread : now he can edit his post but can’t delete mine :wink:

I did sell my iPhone, never went back, like /e/ better.

Try them both. I did (accidentally), and now I know for sure what I personally like about each.

Pros for /e/:

  1. Simpler installation - no need to seperately install play stores and whatnot
  2. Better privacy (from google)

Pros for Lineage OS:

  1. Better and more accurate documentation
  2. Can get live help through an IRC channel
  3. Mainstream with wide acceptance. (while /e/ is more niche) So I’m confident it’ll definitely still be around in five or ten years.

The two pros for /e/ are each a really big deal for me. So /e/ is where I and my family will stay. I did learn that Lineage OS is a solid second choice for our phones - which is nice. I always like having a safety net, just in case.

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Take it positively.
Sometimes comparision with other os may help us.
I ve beein using unofficial /e/ os for a long time. Still I compare it with other os like Sailfish. That we can give new suggestions to /e/ developers. (Though it is possible that developers know more about that than us)
Be cool

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Well, well, well…


I didn’t say anything against the thread or against any comparison. I’m interested myself in that topic. That’s why I read here.

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This is actually a topic I’m interested in at well. /e/ works well for me and I find the Galaxy S9 family to be capable devices, but I did have to do some fancy footwork to get my banking apps running and the Aurora store makes me nervous as is (plus I’ve had problems in the past getting MicroG to provide notifications in real time). Assuming I had a Lineage capable phone (as the S9/S9+ is no longer supported), would a Lineage running phone using the minimal amount of Google services possible to support banking, etc be much different than an /e/ device?

Yes, running the genuine Google Apps and services on a Custom ROM is very different from /e/, because LineageOS apart from not preinstalling Google Apps and services (which Google would not let them anyway) don’t do much further degoogling compared to /e/, so you can expect much better compatibility with Apps relying on Google services.
Google explicitly allow using their Apps and services on Custom ROMs via device registration …, so this way there’s no risk violating Google Terms of Service with your Google account.

Last time I messed with Lineage it was still called Cyanogen :smiley:
So then I guess I’m wondering if there’s a summary of the differences between Google Play Services and MicroG available? Looking at my /e/ device, YouTube is the only Google app I use, aside from the apps I had to install via Aurora. Are the differences negligible? If so, how do you sell someone on an /e/ device when you could potentially accomplish the same endstate using a Pixel 4a and being smart about your installs?
Again genuinely curious. As I said in another topic, the /e/ easy installer is miles ahead of when I was putting CM7 on a Droid 2 Global, and I like the company. But if I run the risk of my Google account (home to a large amount of movies) getting nuked, I might have to reevaluate

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I don’t really understand why you have to use the YouTube app from Google. Only when you want to create content or comment and “like” a video you would need the YouTube app from Google. Otherwise NewPipe is a much better YouTube frontend as it does not show youtube ads and can also play videos while the display is turned off. There you can also follow channels etc. The NewPipe app is Open Source and available in the F-Droid store.


Actually /e/ is a fork of LineageOS (see description at LineageOS does not come with Google Services by default, but you can optionally install Google Services in LineageOS. There is another LineageOS project that includes microG:
/e/ also added microG and has its own launcher and selection of default app and /e/ added their own ecosystem “ecloud” including a mailserver, calendar, contacts, fotos and file storage with an option for backup etc. That’s probably their attempt to create a user experience like iOS or Google and to earn some additional money because the free 1 GB is not really much and you would need a paid plan to be able to use more storage.

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Well I didn’t know that was a thing, so that’s a reason.
It does help that I can interface with the YouTube app on my Roku, but NewPipe may be worth a look!

The differences are not negligible.
Running the genuine Google Apps and services should make all Google-dependent Apps run as long as they don’t use sophisticated checks to try to avoid running on Custom ROMs (banking Apps come to mind).
microG tries to mimic Google services, but it doesn’t mimic all of them, and it can’t guarantee that it does this good enough for any particular Google-dependent App at any point in time. Google-dependent Apps are not guaranteed to run with microG, it’s just a nice bonus if it works for a while (until Google might break compatibility with changes on their side, with microG having to catch up again, if at all possible).

Furthermore there are still more Google things /e/ doesn’t have in the code anymore when compared to LineageOS (as degoogling is the point of /e/ while it isn’t the point of LineageOS), so theoretically throwing out microG to install GApps on /e/ still wouldn’t be enough to get the same Google compatibility back.

And here’s an overview of the current microG implementation status of certain Google services …


I have NewPipe on my Amazon Fire TV Stick so I’m sure it should work fine on the Roku (maybe).

On the phones I used to use Vanced YouTube before Google went split apk and it became troublesome to install (for root setup as I prefer) but still recommend it for those who insist on running YouTube (root is not required, btw).
Otherwise, NewPipe or SkyTube are preferable.