Is /e/OS Q installed on Samsung S9 with current v0.11.2-beta?


Single Sim


So I have the SM-G960F Single SIM, I just re ran the heimdale command to flash eRecovery img instead,

there is that white progess line that shows up when does it actaully move. last night I went to bed and nothing had happend for TWRP nopw that I flashed eRecovery it’s also sitting here for like 40 minutes.

As far as the docs go I feel as part of the SDLC, being Software Engineer and Cyber security guy myself.

I am of the opinion that as part of change management and version control. All supported models represent a branch and that includes the level 1 support docs. Writing technical documentation is a thankless job…but when it’s correct it saves so much time on support calls, emails confusion and frustration and the ultimate decision of people to stick with the project and load the phone… Thereby using the phone so others will see and know… And it saves my sanity by not having to use one of my search engines to scour the giant dumpster fire known as the internet.

Also all these nougat and pie and oreo and Q are just nebulous marketing names and are usless we need version numbers like Q 10, pie 9 or oreo 8…I feel like the software that is ready and tested and official need to include the doc ( level 1 support ) as part of change management and version control…

The internet dumpster fire is full of bad technical writing…

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The flash procedure of TWRP or eRecovery is experienced in three minutes under normal circumstances. 40 minutes and more indicate technical faults in the hardware.

To isolate the error, here is a suggestion, a first step: Replace the USB 2.0 cable. Make sure that the USB 2.0 Type-A connector on the PC is plugged into a real USB 2.0 slot in the PC.

W’re probaly miscommunicating, :wink:

the documentation does not say what is supposed to happen. It does not reboot obvious because of the switch so what is supposed to happen,

heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery-e-0.13-q-2021012097133-dev-starlte.img --no-reboot

``The doc say

  • A blue transfer bar will appear on the device showing the recovery being transferred. the transfer happens so fast the bar never turns blue.

  • Unplug the USB cable from your device.

  • Manually reboot into recovery:

I guessed and got into the sideload options ran the adb sideload command and now it mounted /system and is sideloading.

43.2 seconds

installed update

detected ext4

patchig system image unconditionally

script succedded result was[1.0000000]

Clear as mud but it works.

it Encrypted

and I’m at 10 at last

Wow the work interpreting the documentation was more work than the actual technical act of doing the mod.

Still man, cool project if your a masochist. LOL Kidding… I can start testing. Now where is my LAN line! and dial telephone!

Yes, I didn’t interpret your descriptions in your sense. That is one of the main problems of us speaking people, to express ourselves in such a way that the other person also understands exactly as intended by the author of the word. Such misunderstandings often result in great conflicts.

I understood that the flashing of TWRP was still not finished after 40 minutes. On the other hand, 43.2 seconds for data transfer of the /e/ OS ‘Q’ ROM via adb sideload is completely normal.

Let’s make a point at this point. You are on ‘10’.

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Yep, eRecovery did its job perfectly! , TWRP was installed prior, ( to clarify, the instructions mentioned a blue line, there is no blue line it remains white because flashing TWRP happens so fast) but disallowed adb sideload thus my concern over permissions.

However. In both cases it was a matter of interpretation by the user as to when they should restart into recovery mode. The message “Do not turn phone off” sits there and makes the user wonder what they SHOULD so that is a sticking point.

'I’d be happy to try and clean up the instructions any volunteer work out there let me know…

Thanks SusieQ and everyone for all you patience!

Ciao for now

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