Is GS290 update R?

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Will there be an eOS update to R for the GS290?



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I would also like to know this.

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I also wanna know this.

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That would be wonderful to know.

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Hi @anon48570964, as this is unanswered for a while … if I remember rightly there was never LineageOS support for GS-290, so the device tree was found elsewhere. I do not have a certain memory of where that was. Did you ever search for this information? Someone updating the device tree in use by /e/ to Android 11 would be a prerequisite for an R build, imho.

Checking these links I see no work to advance these device trees to Android 11 at this time.

However this is just a first pass guess, perhaps someone has a better clue.

I understand that there are no more developments here, the manufacturer doesn’t offer them either.
That was also one of the reasons why I hope for support for the Gigaset GS5, as the manufacturer wants to support it until 2024 and will also support till Android 12.
Thank you for your efforts and time invested and your attempt to support here.
I’ll also send you the link to my request, maybe you’ll support it too, or can imagine to support the Gigaset successor as well. I would find that great!

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Hi @anon48570964 where possible we will try to upgrade devices to the latest OS. As @aibd pointed out, getting the correct device trees / build files or configuring the device to work with R or /e/OS S is the tricky part. Will update when we have some positive news around this :crossed_fingers:


thank you for reply. What do you think about the GS5 for eOS Support? :slightly_smiling_face:

We are looking at multiple devices. The idea is to get hold of devices which will be around for a couple of years with good vendor support. On the other hand, we are also planning to expand our list of stable builds. As you might be aware, at present stable builds are associated with devices we sell on our Murena shop. We have purchased some of the existing devices we support and shared it with our build team members. Making them maintainers for those devices. That way, we will be able to provide better support for our users. Will share more details once there is more progress on this initiative.

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It would be a great thing to have an update toward R or S for GS290.

As you know, Q support will finish around sept 2022, so there will be no more security updates from android at this time and security is priority number 1 to protect data.
As I bought my GS290 at your website in Oct. 2021, if no update, it would be the first time that I’m forced to change my phone so quickly : not very sustainable nor commercial.
Furthermore, I think that phones sold or formerly sold at your website must be your core target to maintain and upgrade.
So, hope that gs290 won’t be left on the side of the road.
Best regards,


This circumstance does not mean the end of 10-Q supported devices at the same time. /e/ and other enthusiasts have the possibility, although with increased effort, to port security patches from higher Android versions. I myself use an unofficial LineageOS 14.1 (7-Nougart) with Android security patch level July 5, 2022 for the now dropped Galaxy Tab S2

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Thank you for this information.
Hope e/ will include such patches in the updates when necessary.
Best regards

Thank you for Android 11 on the GS290. The OTA update from Q to R worked without any problems and Android 11 runs absolutely perfect! :+1::+1::+1:

Ok, my GS290 is still waiting for Android Q and stuck at Q-1.10. Will this be rolled out sequentially OTA or does the upgrade involve manual interaction. Since there is no adb sideload, this appears to be rather tricky…