Is iodé a project like /e/?

I found this project by accident when searching for alternatives to Lineage OS.

iodé is an android operating system freed from major snitches*. A significant part of data breaches comes upstream of apps.
iodé is powered by « LineageOS », an open source operating system that expends functionalities and the lifespan of mobile devices of more than 20 different manufacturers thanks to a community of contributors accross the world.
With tools such as Privacy Guard, you can control what your apps do when you want them to. Trust will help you understand the security of your device and warn incoming threats.

They also seem to sell phones with their OS and they’re a french firm. It seems they’re trying to accomplish something similar to /e/ and Volla.

Strange website, with an iphone to promote open source apps & system…

Bad imitation of /e/.
He should help /e/ irather than doing his own lineage/microG’s fork


Where did you find this, exactly? The website is mixed up with French and English, their FAQs does not work when you use the English version although if you switch to French it shows some stuff. It seems like a garage project, very unprofessional from my point of view. For me, /e/ seems to be more solid and reliant than this.

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