Is it safe to use /e/ browser?

As I unterstand /e/ browser in my q 0.23 Galaxy S9 is based in Chrome v. 96. However, Chrome is already v. 100. I heard about various security issues being fixed with the previous chrome updates. So do you recommend to use the /e/ browser?

Personally not. I use Bromite or Brave, chromium based and they have an adblock feature. /e/ browser is a fork of Bromite and, yes, it has adblock feature but it isn’t update constatly. This is a problem.

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Thanks, I installed Bromite and its working fine. Wondering why /e/ is not using the Bromite repisitory directly…

Because they want to make changes and enhancements, as described here


Following are the enhancements offered by Browser over bromite:

  • Disabled by default:
    • Autofill,
    • Async DNS
  • Enabled by default:
  • Restrict pre-populated search engines to:
  • Remove Google and Chrome mentions from various strings wherever applicable feature/services were not reliant on the same