Is there a reason the website is down?

First, I apologize if this doesn’t belong in, Using / e / -> User Queries, I couldn’t find a better place for this.

I received notification on my phone that there was an update. I wasn’t sure how to update so I tried doing an internet search on how to do so. I couldn’t really find anything so I decided to go to the site and then it seems to be down and all of a sudden I’m seeing updates for my phone. I highly doubt the two correlate with each other but here I am.

Obviously, not everything is down or I wouldn’t able to post this at The homepage semi-loads sometimes for me. But not in other languages (French, German, Italian, etc.). The and also load sometimes but most other links from the homepage seem dead, like as well as the about page and the donations page. seems to load just fine.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me so I’ve tried several services that check whether a website is down or not. isitdownrightnow ignores as if it weren’t a real website (I’m guessing they are only checking certain TLDs but I have no way of knowing. downforeveryoneorjustme used to say the homepage was up and for example as being down. Now it says even the homepage is down. down dot com says it is just me and the site is working just fine. It seems to only be checking the homepage though even if I try another page. This doesn’t really help me figure out if it is actually down or if it is an issue with me. I’ve tried on a different device and a different internet connection and the homepage won’t load whatsoever.

I can’t find any scheduled maintenance mentioned there or here in the community or elsewhere, I’ve even checked gitlab. Although I might’ve missed something obvious. I’ve found a couple of topics about Ecloud maintenance but as far as I can tell that should be a different system and it should be working now. I also found a topic About security of, which again shouldn’t be about this.

So, I’m about 99.97% sure there is no reason to worry. Is there a reason it has been down for some time now? Can anyone else confirm that it is indeed down? Seeing as the “is it down” websites don’t seem to be as reliable as I once thought they were.

I apologize that I didn’t include links in my post but I can’t find where my trust level is so I’ll assume it is level 0.

The website is down . The team is looking into the issue. Will update once it is up.


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