Is there a way to backup my data on my /e/ NextCloud?

Sorry - I’m not familiar with Nextcloud, the system that /e/ use to store data in the cloud.

Is there a way to schedule a backup of my data on my /e/ NextCloud to my PC (and be able to restore etc)?


What do you want backup ? Files or folders or setup or ?

Hete are a lot of answers


I would like (need?) to back up (& be able to restore) my data in the /e/ NextCloud - emails, calendar, contacts and files, folders.

But your search term url appears not to help with that specifically, but do please enlighten me, if I’m not using your search ‘properly’.


all emails from, calendar and contacts are synced the edrive as default.
All files from ‘documents’ folder should also uploaded by default, but on mine it isn’t working. So better check in web browser if documents are uploaded.
If you need ,ore folders for sync, use the app ‘folder sync’ from aurora store. The you can setup every folder you want for 2tway sync.

hello @nrsp

maybe you can use the nextcloud client desktop to synchronize the documents folder on your PC.

But that client sync from cloud to pc not from phone to cloud/pc

Foldersync on the /e/app store has an Exodus privacy rating of 1.0 with 4 Google trackers. Is there another one available which doesn’t have this problem?

I have just installed it for checking trackers and it does have 6 trackers. But as far as I know, it’s the only 2way sync app.

There’s an explanation here as to why syncing with Android is problematic. Can’t vouch for the validity of it.
Someone there recommends this app I haven’t tried it but I see it contains Ads.

I don’t know whether this is of any help in this case:
I use Syncthing to sync data directly between phone and PC.

This is a sync between phone and computer. But he want’s sync his data with not with his computer

The app seens really syncing in both ways. It’s really contains add and it has 3 trackers (half of folder sync)

But the setup is not easy. I have just tried it and out if the box it has downloaded as hell.