Is there a way to copy all my contacts?

Hi all!

in the last days, I set up my Redmi Note 8T with e 0.19, and much of it works.

What is a big issue is that

  1. syncing with ecloud doesn’t work, so that of my contacts (about 100 on the ecloud), just 12 end up on my phone.

  2. because of that, I had to restore my contacts from stoopid Goolag, which works. UNTIL G tries to sync my calendar, which leads to a) an error message (password failed or something to that sense), and b) my contacts being deleted.

My workaround for the moment is not to sync the calendar, which is not an option in the long run.

Is there maybe an option to copy all my contacts from all my accounts to the phone? I cannot find a folder where the contacts are stored, but surely there must be one?

Any ideas? PLEASE?

Good night from Germany!

The most elegant way would be if eCloud synced correctly, which it just doesn’t. It also refuses to upload my pics from the phone.

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One approach: open contact app.


Got to left corner into the menu. Into settings / Einstellungen. Use the menu entry export / Exportieren. Then save as VCF file / VCF-Datei. Connect your mobile to the desktop PC and copy the file from the phone to the computer to secure it. I think your contact photos should be stored in your file as well. The format storing the photos is called Base64. So your photos are stored as text. You can open the file with every text editor and inspect it.


You can import the VCF file again about the contact app: settings > import > VCF file. Normally you should be able to export from third party services and other software the VCF format as well and import it into your phone the same way.


If you can use a desktop PC another option is the freeware MyPhoneExplorer. MyPhoneExplorer | Funktionen You can edit, backup and restore contacts. SMS, Apps and so on.

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To add some explanation to my post above. While I wanted to show you the general available options you may only be interested into the import part explained in the first post.

Yep this should work fine, I did it the other day yo copy contacts onto a new /e/ phone. There are lots of ways to transfer the exported file… Bluetooth to the new device, save to telegram and then access on new device , use syncthing…Which can be useful to copy and backup more than just contacts to a new device.


Please be aware of versions in .vcf, here is a search on the forum.

This is an old issue, Import contact result in "defective contacts" (#972) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab, but is still open. I do remember having to take action (some time ago!) to convert my .vcf to suit eCloud.

The most recent post (4 months ago) suggests this will still be an issue (for some).


Thank you all very much!

I am not sure as to why I have overlooked that option, it’s so easy. I use MyPhoneExplorer, but restoring the data from there only led to G deleting them again as soon as the mentioned authentification problem arose.

That only leaves the calendar, which I would like to sync. And the not-syncing eCloud, for which I think I have to open another thread.

Thanks, crowd!

thinking about it … I am wondering why I exported to the VCF file to the microSD card, and then imported into the new phone from the microSD card … it would have been faster with Bluetooth :thinking:

Thanks for the hint to that.