Is there a way to get eapps on AOSP phone?

I cannot install /e/ on my phone (cactus/Xiaomi Redmi 6A) but I rooted it and removed Xiaomi’s and Google’s apps, now the phone is like a fresh AOSP install, is there a way to install /e/ Apps ? APK ? APK for the /e/ Store then using it to download other apps ? Flashable ZIP ?

I plan to install a /e/ server at home and I don’t want it to being useless (except web-based apps).

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Aeris One.

That should work, but I’d just be guessing.

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No need for e-apps. There are only 2 real e-apps (bliss launcher and apps store). All other apps are forks from on f-droud available apps.

So you can also use K9, dax-x, and the better choise apps like simple mobile tools liebrechair and Aurora store

I’ve noticed Bliss Launcher has appeared on F-Droid if you really want it.

Yes, but nobody knows who has it uploaded to f-droid.

And. … who wants Bliss Launcher? ??


Kind of an iPhone hater here, but I agree with your verdict on Bliss. I just think going with a default launcher (Bliss) that mimics iPhone is a mistake from a UX perspective. Clearly lots of people out there like iPhones, but most of them probably aren’t in it for the restrictive GUI.

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The idea behind BlissLauncher’s ‘all-icons-on-the-main-screen’ look was to help first time android users and folks who are not exactly all that techy. The idea is that a user should not have to spend more than 10-15 seconds in figuring out where the phone apps are.
For those of us who have used android phones for long it is easy to install other launchers like trebuchet (which is my favorite) to get that android look and feel.

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Someone posted a link for downloading e apps app in discussion here: