Is there an image size limit for producing thumbnails and previews on the instance?

I have a Samsung A51 with original Samsung Android but using the cloud for image upload. The Samsung has up to 48MP and produces > 5MB big images. In the murena cloud all images with around > 5MB don’t produce any thumbnails and give an error when you try to preview the image file. Every image I uploaded that is smaller than that works fine.

The file upload and download is not the problem, only that I have no thumbnails and preview for image files that are bigger than around 5MB, which is annoying. - is it this thing?

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reasonable to email the murena admins if they can consider raising the limits that are in place.

Previews aren’t yet as good at Nextcloud as you’d want, but interesting for (maybe they already do this?) is

Not sure how common it is in modern smartphone cameras: some include thumbnails in Exif structures inside JPEG headers - generating previews from them could be computationally much more efficient.

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