Is this rom really unsafe?

There is in one of the sites proving that these e/ rom unsafe , and connected to different servers
is this real

Hi @fice this is an old review report and it does not say /e/ is unsafe it points out areas where we needed to improve… We had covered this in detail here and raised the issues pointed out in the report in gitlab . Check the closed and open bugs on gitlab. We always welcome reviews by impartial external groups and are ready to update and optimize our ROM where required.


hello @Manoj
thanks for your reply
Accept my excuse .I am new here and I did not know :slight_smile:

Yes, reviews by impartial external groups or by the “six-eyes principle” can ultimately only be to the advantage of /e/, even if at first the criticism causes discomfort.

Gaël’s response was sincere and professional. Of course, good words are not enough. Words must now be backed up by action. And they should be made public. That creates trust.