Issue to access calendar and contacts from phone & pc (caldav / Cardav KO)


I had to reinstall Davx5 on my phone and thunderbird on my PC. Since I cannot synchronise my contact and agenda with my phone and PC.

Whenever, I try to synchronize from the link of one calendar for instance:

I enter my login and my password, but the credentials are not recognized

Did you already experience anything like it? How can I solve my issue of synchronization?

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Picture of issue:

did you enable 2fa recently? than maybe issuing an app password helps

is it possible your network endpoint got blocked for a bit of time after too many failed login attempts when setting it up?

I can use the same dav endpoint as in your screenshot with thunderbird (v104.2.1) and it works

You can test the login with a web browser.
After successful login, it should display something like “This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.”
The Developer Tools of your web browser may be of help with the debugging :wink:

OK so it is probably the 2fa blocking the login. I will regenerate an app password. Thank you for the suggestion.
Morality never update your setup if it is working :rofl:

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