Issue while sending mail

I am facing an issue with sending mail when I am not using Wifi but LTE.
This is in particular appearing when sending mail through my Gmail account that I still use.
I am getting an error message as indicated on the pic.

My device: Poco F1. /e/ oreo, latest build
Email app used: /e/ standard mailer
Anybody around with an idea what it could be related to?

I am also getting this error on gmail since the last couple of days. Hardly use gmail but added it and an old outlook account to test recent fixes. Gmail throws an error but then downloads mails …so still checking if there is a pattern to this issue.

Interesting, but do i understand erll, you are Speck ng sbout downloading…
I only face a sending issue anf the email is only being sent back home from wifi.

You can generate a log and raise a bug for this issue. Mention about the issue being faced only while using wifi.

I will, only thpught thete would be an easy solution around…