Issue with my phone eOS does not start properly

Dear All,

My phone was lost an took water from rain.
Now I got the following message and reboot over again:

And within the list I have Device State: Locked
Boot slot: a
enter reason : key

Do you know haw I could solve the issue?

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Hi @Emmanuel, welcome to this forum !

What is your devicecodename or model ?
What is the installed version ?

Since you didn’t specify what kind of steps you already took with the possible water damage, here’s an overview of what and what not to do …

(It’s from the Fairphone forum, so in case you don’t own a Fairphone just see what you can do regarding removing the battery as well as taking the phone apart, else it has a lot of good general advice regardless of which phone you have. Don’t use rice :wink: .)

It is a Pixel5 Murena…
It seems that it is starting to work again…
The issue now isit is shuting down when on charge…

Turn it off, don’t try to charge it and leave it to dry out for days. It’s a sealed unit so it may take a long time. Take it out of case and perhaps remove sim tray may help.

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Thank you,
It is working again, and I cross the fingers no issue at that time.
Thanks to all for your support


A good time to make a backup (or check the last existing one) of everything important to you on the phone.
Of course it is regularly a good time to do so :wink: .

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