Issues login in nextcloud on E/

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I would like to use the Nextcloud apps on my farphone 3+ with e/ . I tried to Login on the Nexctloud app. The app connects safely to the server "" but when i try to log in with my credentials i get the return. Wrong username or password. I checked everything and i am very sure that they are correct. On i manage to login with the same username and password

To login

Any ideas on what i did wrong?

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Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

Your email address (and /e/ Cloud login username) is probably :wink:

Hey smu ,

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: Thats a typo. I really should reread my postings befor sending :see_no_evil: I actuelly tried with and not with any other ideas?

Got it working, out of the box:

No problem to log in /e/ Cloud, had to accept some authorizations.

Got the NextCloud client from F-Droid:

NB : if you enabled 2FA (TOTP) for your /e/ Cloud account, please disable it.
You may also want to wipe existing authorizations:

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after Changing the PW in the cloud i could login on the app.

Thanks for testing smu44

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