Issues with Mail application

I’m experiencing a number of problems with the Mail app.

Firstly, and I find this really annoying, there’s no way to turn off the notifications. I’ve tried setting a “quiet time” of 23 hours and 59 minutes but I still get notified for every email.

I can’t get Mail to connect to my Gmail account. It did once, then ever after throws errors.

I have got around both problems by installing Smartisan Mail but now can’t delete the /e/ version.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

pls. don’t post 2 times the same issue (deleting default app). thx.

Have you disabled Notifications under ‘Settings’ / Apps / Email ?
Have you disable Notifictions in Global setup of Email App ?
Have you disabled Notifications in the related Account Setup in Email app ?

You have to add your Goolag account under Settings/Accounts. Than you can use it in email app. But by the way, using a goolag account in a goolagfree OS is like putting alcohol in a alcohol free beer. Better making a forwarder in Gmail to you account and a Autoresponder with your new address, so every one will get info about your new email address and in some month you can get off of gmail

I realise that using a “G” mail account on a non-“G” 'phone might not be popular, but it should work. I am assuming this is down to some authorisation issues, but Smartisan Mail can do it.

I would love to go completely “G” free, but until everything completely works, I can’t.

Regarding posting twice for the same issue, I don’t think I did. Sorry. It failed to work for me, it fails to work with my email service provider and I would like to delete it or at least disable it.

Further, in my “second post” where I asked about deleting a range of “System” apps, you linked me to a thread which had a large number of requests for deleting system apps, with no solution and then locked my post preventing me from responding.

For the record, I would like the option of deleting the following apps:
LibreOffice Viewer

All of these have alternatives that I prefer to use.

“You can’t delete system apps” is the shortened response. That is a great shame, I would have thought the option of at least disabling “System” apps would have been a popular one, allowing users to control what apps are, or are not, installed or permanently running in the background.