Issues with OnlyOffice after install on Debian 10


I’ve installed the self hosted version of /e/ cloud on a brand new OVH server running on Debian 10 and I’m having issues with OnlyOffice. Everything is working fine, except the URL office.$domain where I get a 502 error from nginx

Any idea on how to fix this ? Is it possible to reinstall only the OnlyOffice part ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello, and welcome.

Could you please post the output of docker-compose ps command, issued from /mnt/repo-base directory ?

To reinstall (note : I don’t run OO on my server :wink: ), I’ll :

  • run docker-compose stop xxx on every OO service (as in /mnt/repo-base/docker-compose.yml)
  • run docker container rm xxx using the same list
  • run docker image rm xxx using the same list
  • run docker-compose up -d
    Note : commands are to be run from /mnt/repo-base

You may also check :

  • your /mnt/repo-base/docker-compose.yml should include lines from /mnt/repo-base/templates/docker-compose/docker-compose-onlyoffice.yml
  • you have a /mnt/repo-base/config-dynamic/nginx/sites-enabled/onlyoffice.conf file
  • additional logs with docker logs --details --timestamps --since 2h --follow nginx (could also be run against OO services)

I’ve read that /e/ team is currently experiencing issues with OO …