It is possible to automate this process and keeping my privacy?

I’m a long time user of FLOSS and had my first CyanogenMod on my first personal Smartphone, but I’m into a dilemma.

I would love to make my workflow easier and so than having something like (I’ll name the big name to make it easier)

Step/Need Proprietary Solution Open Source Category
1. Promotional Link to Calendly Easy!Appointments Appointment
2. Generate an Bill Stripe ??? Payment
3. Generate an Appointment Zoom Jitsi?? Conference
4. Save if into my Calendar Google Calendar Nextcloud Calendar* Calendar
5. Sharing stereo audio during meeting Zoom ??? Conference

*this step could work if I use Harmonizely to sync via CalDav, but still, Stripe and Harmonizely are not Open Source

Few Questions

  1. Does anybody knows a viable open source payment gateway supported by an appointment app ?
  2. Does Jitsi and/or another alternative of Zoom could automatically generate a meeting link ?
  3. Does any Zoom alternative manage to offer Stereo Audio

I also wondering

  • How far we have to be dysfunctional to practice our right of privacy ?

Also; if you know a better place where I should ask these questions, I would love to be redirected to that place :slight_smile:

thank for you help!