It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?

Oh my goodness!!!:flushed::scream:

I wish we (!) the /e/ people - possibly together with Mozzilla, Nextcloud… - could compile an easy-read and yet comprehensive, detailed enough and well-researched manual and infographic on how to use apps with trackers more safely on /e/. Elsewhere here were mentioned shelter, Blokada, Netguard. There must be many more, I just don’t know of them :slight_smile: .

What I have in mind are the stages of security when it comes to trackers. /e/ + apps with no trackers; /e/ with apps with trackers + different kinds of shields (mentioned above) + /e/ + apps with tr. + no shields – perhaps a flow chart with different kinds of risks on each stage?

I for one think that what really separates /e/ from the rest of the pack is its aim at offering a truly secure open source mobile system for lay (previously non-open source) users with as many mainstream productivity, entertainment and social apps as possible. I hope this approach will persuade especially those, who are somewhat worried about security issues but don’t want to disrupt or have time to change their everyday work flow too much. Kind of an open source security-minding version of iOS (there is the Bliss, already).

Very clear and visually enchanting info materials are an essential part of that kind of strategy, in my opinion. A huge and deep topic to be researched. But I really hope it will doable, nevertheless.

I’ve planed to write a little Article about trackers in apps, how to avoid them. Same thing with webrowser and how trackers on the web work. But I’m not an expert so it might not be something really revolutionary and complete :yum:
Will try though…

Great to hear, best of luck for that! I’m also not an expert, but am willing to read through and give feedback if considered relevant from the point of view referred to in this post:

value proposition for grandmas and -dads