Jittery Graphics When Scrolling

Hi all,
wondering if anyone else experiences jittery graphics when scrolling. Especially on a web browser.
When I scroll something like my app list or setting, its quite smooth.
Not sure if this is the OS or my FP3+?
Thanks for the feedback!

Which version of /e/OS do you run ?
Since I moved to Q-dev it feels like the graphics are a bit smoother compared to Pie.

To be honest I’m not totally sure which version, its the latest available. According my settings its version 0.12-2020111084008

you can check it in Settings > About Phone
See if Android Version is 10 (Q) or 9 (Pie)

I’m on Android 10 :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t understand “Q” :slight_smile:

No worries. Can’t help you, though
I’m not experiencing anything you mentioned in Android 10