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Journalists around the world are watching the repression and arrests of journalists and protesters in France and other countries where repression is offered in response to peacefull protestor/dissident. When you are arrested “they” search your phone to found anything to charge you.

Is there a way in /e/ to trigger some “panic button” wipe out the phone like Ripple do for certain app ?

Ripple from Guardian Project : “app meant for situations where there is time to react”


Offhand I can’t think of anything else that handles ‘time to react’ scenarios.

FindMylDevice can wipe a device via SMS.
FairEmail can delete mail accounts and stored mail when it receives a trigger word in a subject line.

Fine when a device is lost or stolen but not really for situations that Ripple is designed for.

Ripple has stalled though and Play Store version is ancient.

The app seems very old, but I trust that it’s still “fit for purpose”? · Issue #28 · guardianproject/ripple · GitHub

Hmm, seems the app may be flexible? Interesting.

The referenced Circulo I was familiar with but then forgot about.
Círculo | Safety starts with community

Thank you @marcdw
Circulo is an interesting app :+1: and ripple was and example. I think more about a feature ‘privacy included’ in /e/ that wipe all the phone data to protect users in this kind of situation where ‘time to react’ is important.

I don’t think it is wise to make russians think that they can safely use phones to fight the kremlin and their militaries.

My proposal is not oriented to a particular country but to protect the users privacy in the case where data need to be deleted from the phone.

Maybe Wasted in combination with Shelter is a possibility, although it is obviously not delivered within /e/ and (if i remember correctly) requires a rooted device.

I think it could be more discreet and/or useful in some situations if not the whole phone is wiped by trigger but only the (risky) data stored in the work profile.

On the other hand, i don’t think /e/ is meant to be used for such cases. Afaik a current G00gle Pixel device with Graphene OS installed (and hardened) is more recommendable for this kind of usage.


Thank you @El-Barto wasted seems to be the perfect app :+1:

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