Just bought a gigabit GS290

Hello all ^^

I just bought to the store a GS290 which will be my new phone.
Ok for the specs but wich /e/OS version will be installed to ?

And of course i will try to install what’s app under shelter :slight_smile:

thanx a lot


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We only have the Android Q / Los 17.1 /e/Q build for the Gigaset GS290. Ensure you are on the stock Android 10 build of Gigaset GS290 before flashing the /e/ ROM.

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Hello Manoj :slight_smile:

Yes thanx a lot. I will keep the 7.x version after all.
Cool to buy a new phone with this wonderful not google system :slight_smile:


edit: oooops android Q is 10 ? will be enought for me. more difficult to understand how to install WA under shelter but there is the french community here to answer to me also.
kindly regards.

Will /e/ be able to ship the GS290 phones to Canada…?
Currently Canada is not accepted as a destination.

Hi @jkalayathil sales is only restricted to EU at the moment . We are working on increasing our vendor network in other locations. If you have any friends in the EU you could have it sent to them and get it via that route.

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Thanks, I shall explore that possibility.

Also check if Gigaset sells smartphones in Canada and has support centers in your locality. That will also be important in deciding on which phone to purchase.

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Can someone share a bit about the camera quality once /e/ OS is on?
Is it better as the stock version? I read mixed results so far on stock Android. I am not a camera fanatic, but I would need a camera on a good level.

Thanks and best regards

hello hello !

so then as told in some mobile test newspaper, the quality is good by hight sun but lacks with night or tiny light. the fact is i use footej camera shoot application to have options and more. Ok this is not the best mobile to take some photograms but a good mobile for all, good in all and never the best but well surrely better than my samsung 7 wich began to have lacks in photography.


I see a company is selling them on eBay, and they ship to Canada. I’m just a bit slow figuring out which carriers the GS290 should work with over here. Decoding the “band” vs “MHz” terminology- I’m not 100% confident!

Thank you, In the meantime I bought a Galaxy S9 and flashed it with /e/ and I am happy with the result.

Yeah, I found another frequency check website- the GS290 would be a poor choice as it only works on one or two frequencies in Canada. I think I’m going for another OnePlus. Hope you enjoy the “e”!

Thanks for that update. Overall I think the Galaxy series is good for Canada.

I’ve bought the /e/ GS290. Nice job, all is smooth (except native mail app which is not saving files but you can install k9).

Are you working on Android 11? What is update /e/ policy?