Just plain newbie stuff

This is just basic. Do I just download from the link at e.foundation, and let it install? What do I lose of the installled apps?

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Hi @jvanne, welcome!

Installing a custom ROM will delete all data and apps on the device.

You should probably start by providing the following info, so you’ll be able to get the best advice:

  1. Have you ever installed a custom Android ROM?
  2. What OS are you using on your computer?
  3. What device (exact model number) are you hoping to install /e/ on?
  4. Is the bootloader already unlocked?
  5. Can it be unlocked?
  6. Did you find an official /e/ build for your model number? (If not, there may be an unofficial /e/ build available.)
  7. Are you using a device that /e/'s Easy Installer works on?
  8. What region of the world are you in?

Be aware, if you’re thinking of loading /e/ on a Samsung, it’s not possible to get VoLTE operational, and VoLTE is a requirement for networks in some countries, especially the U.S. (Which also means you have to have a device that is known to be approved/certified for VoLTE on the network of your choice…but not a Samsung.)

Also CDMA networks are not compatible.

  • Have you ever installed a custom Android ROM? NO
  • What OS are you using on your computer? Windows 11, but this is for my cell phone only
  • What device (exact model number) are you hoping to install /e/ on? Samsung SMG965U
  • Is the bootloader already unlocked? No idea
  • Can it be unlocked? No idea
  • Did you find an official /e/ build for your model number? No idea
  • Are you using a device that /e/'s Easy Installer works on? No idea
  • What region of the world are you in? Chicago, IL. USA


oh yes. the phone is a a Samsung Galaxy S9

It seems (from my quick internet search) that it’s not possible to install a custom ROM on the SMG965U, as the bootloader can not be unlocked (a prerequisite to wipe and then install the new ROM).
If you check the list of /e/'s officially supported devices, and hover over the S9 entries, it appears the U variant is not supported. I think the U is a U.S. variant (Snapdragon processor), which is NOT unlockable (thanks to Samsung), as opposed to the EU variant (Exynos, unlockable): Smartphone Selector

Even so, as it’s a Samsung, which uses proprietary VoLTE software that can’t be implemented in any custom ROM, it would soon be unusable for you on any U.S network because of the lack of VoLTE.

A computer is required to connect to the phone in order to install a custom Android ROM. It can be done with Windows, I believe, but Linux makes it easier. (Any experience with, say, Ubuntu?)

My advice is to get a different, non-Samsung phone, with an easily unlockable bootloader, and which has an official or unofficial /e/ build available. And which is certified for VoLTE services on your carrier’s network. (Which needs to be either AT&T or T-mobile, or one of the many MVNO/reseller carriers that use either of those two networks.)

Then you’ll be golden, and people can get you up and running. The install process is not hard or lengthy, but you’ll need some help the first time if you’ve never done it before.

EDIT: Or, you can order a pre-installed Teracube phone from e.foundation:

Thanks much! Maybe just buying a phone would be the best bet. Suggestions? I am NOT a power user, nor do I care if it has the latest and greatest (like those folks Ithat stand in line all night to get the latest iPhone. It’s really just a tool. But I do NOT appreciate the fasco-Marxists at Google, and want to get away from anything to do with them. But if you can suggest a phone similar to the Samsung I have now, that would be great. Thanks so much for your helpful and gracious reply!!! :slight_smile:

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I use an older Sony (that is certified for VoLTE with T-mobile, a necessity). Sonys are easy to unlock online directly from Sony corp., but not all of them are VoLTE-certified for either/both T-mobile or AT&T.

I hear Motorolas and Oppos are friendly, but I don’t have experience there. And again, the specific device must be certified for VoLTE on one of those U.S. networks…and the network has to work for you personally, of course.

If you like the Murena Teracube for sale on /e/'s website, that would be simplest, and would get over-the-air updates* as well.

BTW, keep in mind that many paid applications from the Play store may not work on /e/OS, if they require specific Google services. But /e/ incorporates micro-G which basically spoofs those services, allowing some/many proprietary/commercial apps to work. But if you’re searching here, you, like us, probably actively oppose Google services. :wink:

*Official builds that you install yourself can also get OTA updates. Unofficial builds won’t, but they’re easy to update manually once you already have /e/OS installed, as long as it’s not an Android version change.

You can post here for recommendations from other users. (Keep in mind the U.S. network VoLTE requirement, and make sure before you buy a device.) Maybe create a new thread for recommendations, or edit the title of this one to solicit responses.

I bought one of the terracubes and have been very happy with it. From the sounds of it I think you would enjoy it.

My experience has been for the most part pretty smooth. Getting things set up was very easy and very similar to any android device.

I have had some cloud sync issues, but they seem to sort themselves out. I do a lot of things through the browser, as opposed to having the apps for them (banking apps for example), which works quite well.

Everything said though, I like the terracube. It is a quite good phone. That is what I recommend.

Good luck!


@Philbo, did you install the ROM yourself?

No I bought one from /e/ with the os pre-installed.