Keep Read Only (s9 SM-G960F Install)

Let me start by saying I have been an iPhone user (reluctantly) for 7 years now (so set some perspective on my knowledge of terms and jargon associated with Android).
Am using the auto install on s9 SM-G960F.
Initially unable to recognise the phone (needed to allow a shared key between phone and computer).
Now I am unable to get past the “Keep Read Only” message (Have tried a few times)
I have searched some of the online help, but unable to find an answer without reverting to fully manual install.
Have I missed a step?
Is there a step missing in the instructions?
Is anyone able to assist?

First I suggest you ask yourself if it is behaving as if it is stolen and someone else it trying to reset it.

You should remove all accounts, locks and passwords within the phone before starting. Different Samsungs have different methods of security!

If you do a factory reset, you will also rule this possibility

Thanks for your response.

The person from whom I purchased the phone did a factory reset.
I have also done a factory reset.
I have a SIM in the phone, but it has not been enabled yet, but I believe this is just installing source code, so that should not be an issue.

So you are at this screen?

Edit: my earlier answer is unhelpful, now I know where you were stuck!

No, I am not getting to that screen.
The instructions say…
Restart device in recovery mode
after shutting down, then restarting (by holding Power, bixby, volume up buttons), that the “Teamwin” screen should appear.
Then to press “Keep Read Only”.


So compare with this post:
Unable to finish /e/ installation on Samsung Galaxy S8.
The switch you are being asked to do is more complicated than you are reading it.

The Easy Installer installs an old version of /e/ (Oreo 8.1) anyways.
Better install manually with the newer /e/ (Q)
I am now stuck with a S9 with Oreo8.1 after installing with the Easy Installer.