KIA "UVO"-app claims failure "phone rooted"

Hi community,

now I have the first time that an app completely refuses running on /e/:
I installed KIA UVO 2021 from the official /e/ Apps-store. All it it did was red blinking screen. In the notifications, it stated something like “phone seems to be rooted”.

In the development options of the OS, I locked bootloader, ADB etc. directly after installing /e/. Current OS version is 0.19-20211027142976 on a Fairphone 3.

Is there anything I can do to convince that (an) app that my phone is not “rooted”? Would be nice to use that app, that is even free of trackers (!!). Maybe even someone else is using this app on an /e/-phone?

With best regards

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You should let the developer of that app know that there’s a problem.