Konrow SWEET5 smartphone to runaway

I am very interested to help to develop/create a rom to free the Konrow Sweet5 low-coast device.
It’s running android 11
It is nice, has a big screen, and seems to be quite accessible.

I am french, and what I want to highlight is that I need an exhaustive explaination about the tool-chaine and the whole process to go on. A kind of “step-by-step for dummies” would make my day.
I once was involved in database managment ( 1995, cobol on AS400 … ) and than I went away to become a graphiste.
I kept going on with small developpment ( Flash, later html and PHP ).

… is there something you can do for me “doc” ?

I have not heard of this device, and I couldn’t find anything when I searched for custom ROMs for it.

/e/ OS is based on LIneageOS so to make /e/OS for this device you would be better to start by trying to make a LineageOS ROM for it. I looked for articles about making Lineage OS for an unsupported device and you could try reading some of those articles.

The first reply in this reddit post

gives you a starting point:

You start building for a supported device, then learn how to build the kernel and recovery, then slowly create a device tree.

Another comment there says

Maybe the Android documentation will help you.

and that is probably another good place to explore.

This /e/ community forum really concentrates on matters specifically to do with /e/ OS, and you will probably get more support in your quest if you post somewhere like XDA Forums which is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in custom phone ROMs. This thread would probably be a good place to start

Good luck!

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