Last /e/ update fixed Netflix Chromecast and crashed Spotify and Youtube

Like @TheMajorTom (see in Spotify doesn't start after last update) I updated my phone last night to v.0.7-2019091924206 on my Motorola G 2014 (titan).


  1. Spotify Lite don’t play anything;
  2. Spotify just freezes on logo screen;
  3. YouTube from /e/ app store doesn`t even start.
  4. YouTube from Aurora store works but don’t cast to Chromecast (still…)

I tried the versions of Spotify and Spotify Lite from the /e/ app store and from Aurora.

But, hey, Netflix still works and now it casts to Chromecast :slight_smile: .

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Same thing for me till last update : e-0.7-p-20190915-UNOFFICIAL for OnePlus 5.
Spotify freezes on logo and does not works.

Hey @facb69,
I don’t have any specific and technical explanation or solution for you there but alternative for youtube.
Try to use Invidious as a PWA. It works just fine.


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Thanks @Gregoire but I did not understand how to “…use Invidious as a PWA”.
I know about the website and all but never heard of an app for it or how to use it in another way.

When you open the url in your browser (Firefox here), you should have a house+ icon just like on my screenshot.
Click on it. :slight_smile:

I got it @Gregoire. Gonna try it as long I get back home.
Thank you again.

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Just for a closure on this matter, I could only managed to cast to my Chromecast using VLC.
Netflix shows the cast icon but don’t connect and YouTube, Emby and Spotify don’t show the icon.
Since I only use Chromecast at home, I uninstalled YouTube, Emby and Netflix from my /e/ Motorola.
Still using Spotify Lite from /e/ app store (it is working now the way it should) and New Pipe from F-Droid.
Thanks for the attention.