Last version of /e/ for FP3+: bugs in spelllchecker and Do not disturb

Since installing the last version of /e/ (29 January), I encounter 2 disturbing bugs:
one concerns the spell checker, it is explained here: AOSP Spell Check
The other one is that the Do not disturb mode always goes back to “priority only”. I have to manually set it back to “alarms only” every time I activate it.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Linda if you haven’t already done that, you can report those issues at: Backlog

Hi @Linda,

I’ve reported the issue with Spell checker at Backlog
It seems that it comes from Lineage OS and also has been already reported to their team, so I see a chance of solving the issue in hopefully near future :slight_smile:

Hi Cooky,

Thank you - I’m glad you reported the issue. I haven’t had the time to take care of it anymore. I haven’t installed the last OS update yet, either, so I was waiting to see if it would solve the issue…

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You’re welcome. I’d rather follow the result of this issue as I would like to use Spell checker as it had worked before. I might let you know once it’s working as expected, though.