LastPass rooted device warning

Upon first opening LastPass app in /e/os there is a warning message:

It appears you are using a rooted device. Please keep in mind that rooting weakens the security of all applications, including this one.

I’m curious why LastPass is detecting the device as rooted when it is not.

Thanks very much.

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most likely because of the userdebug build target, it allows to use adb root. Apps check on the build string that includes it. While there are ways to hide it, you could also get a “user” build. /e/ does offer them I think on some devices/channels (stable vs dev) if I remember correctly.

userdebug builds are welcome with developer types, but not for the majority of users. If it’s just an info-type message by the App and it doesn’t hinder you actively from using it I don’t see it as issue.

Thanks for a swift reply and clear explanation.
I should have said I’m using /e/os/ 1.5 in a OnePlus 5T (dumpling)