Late notifications on various apps

Fellow community,

since I was forced to setup my FP3 with an all new eOS after this incident Stuck on fastboot mode, cant enter recovery or eOs - #23 by AnotherElk I experience very late notifications: first I thought it was just Signal and followed these steps nothing changed. As I set up the OS with more and more apps like Telegram, I realized the same problem here. On researching a solution I found the “Push notification tester”, which fails with a red cross at “register for push notifications” and “connection to server”. In the meantime the problem seems to grow: sometimes Signal seems to loose the connection, messages dont arrive or depart until I go to flight mode for 10sec, Telegram - now replaced through NekogramX - just sends notifications on system restart but not through the day in runtime.
Do you have any idea why this is caused? I’d be very grateful to profit from your cluster intelligence :slight_smile:

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