Launcher search, like AIO Launcher or OpenLauncher

Hello, I am looking for a new launcher.
The OpenLauncher from f-Droid is quite nice, but I can’t resize the widgets, or I don’t understand the system there with the arrows, I can press and drag there, but the widget doesn’t resize.
I’d like the AIO Launcher even better, but officially you can only pay for it via PlayStore, but since Google is evil, I can’t get anything from Google on my mobile. I wrote to the developer and asked if you can buy the app outside Google, just wait and see.
Does anybody know a launcher similar to AIO Launcher? It may cost a little, as long as you can buy it outside the Play Store.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You know nova launcher ? The ‘total launcher’ has more features as Nova and is free :smiley:
Widget resize or overlapping, no problem :smiley:

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Thanks for your suggestion, I have looked at it, so I installed it. But for the “fine” things you need a license again, that would be no problem, if you wouldn’t need the evil Play Store again…
I could also write to the developer, but there is no new announcement on the homepage since September 2017, so I think that the launcher will not be developed any further, unfortunately…

I’m getting updates from time to time. The last one is 3 weeks ago. So the dev is working on it. Contact the dev on this address

Yes, this is the next problem, why do all developers always have Google email addresses? That alone keeps me from writing to them…
With Google and its services I get a choking in the neck…

At the moment I use the Fairphone 2 Launcher, it’s not what I want, but for me it’s better than the “original” /e/ Launcher.

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Official site:
FOSS fork:

There are also Zim Launcher and KISS. I could not get used to KISS. Zim is working fine, has many features (side bar, etc.).


the developer of AIO Launcher had replied and told me how to use the purchase version. So the search is over for now.
Thanks for the tips and help here :slight_smile:
But I will still check out the other launchers, you never know :slight_smile:

Do you have total launcher running with shelter by any chance? Shelter shortcuts seem to crash TL on my phone about once or twice a day, thinking of going back to zim

I’m using TotalLauncher since 1 year on 4 devices with shelter and never have had any issue with it

cool thanks for the info, will investigate a bit further then to figure out the cause

Could you please share how getting the licence / app for AIO Launcher does work without Play Store?

App Download (from the Dev it seems) is also on XDA:

This is the free version, and yes, it’s pretty nice! I’ll stick with kiss however.


please write to the developer, because it is so easy and costs nothing. I don’t want it to make the rounds and not get any money for it, I hope you understand. …unfortunately a Google address, I first adorned myself, but then I wrote to him.
Out of gratitude I transferred 8€ via PayPal.
One more question, do you use the microG services? If yes, it will be a problem :slight_smile:

This is what it looks like for me now, so far I am very satisfied :slight_smile:

Hahaha, now I see what it looks like behind the Notch :slight_smile:

But Nova is not Open Source. I think

Nova is only good as paid version and yes closed sources. TotalLauncher has more options in free version nova. TL is also not available in f-droid, only with Aurora. You can ask the dev for sources, so it’s a ‘little’ open sources. I’m using it since years. I never have seen any wen connection from it. And you can disable complete wen access. So I have done. It works still perfect.

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ok with Open Launcher. working and Open Source.

Zim is also right but it is not active.

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