Lawnchair and Librechair launchers on /e/

Hello everyone !

I use the Lawnchair launcher since I’m on /e/ OS. But I recently heard than, even if this launcher is available on F-Droid, some parts of the code aren’t open source and may track us. Is that true ?

By searching, I found a FOSS alternative : Librechair. But when I try to install the apk file, this message shows up : “There was a problem while parsing the package”.

Is it possible to install Librechair on /e/ os ? If not, what do you think about Lawnchair, is it “safe” to use ? Or do you know a launcher with a similar design and similar functions ?



Tu peux charger ClassyShark3xodus depuis F-Droid pour regarder les trackers de ces app., déjà installées ou nouvelles…

You can download ClassyShark3xodus from F-Droid to check trackers in these apps, already in use and new ones…


Alors j’ai exodus sur mon smartphone et ça m’a l’air OK pour un launcher, sauf pour l’accès à la localisation (mais je ne l’active presque jamais) :
Qu’en pensez-vous ? D’autres utilisent ce launcher ? Sinon quel launcher utilisez-vous ?

The permissions on exodus seems OK to me for a launcher, except for the localization (but I rarely enable it) :
What do you think about this launcher ? Do you use it ? If not, why and witch launcher do you use ?

On F-Droid, it’s written : “Most likely, the F-Droid build has been patched in some way to remove the Non-Free code/libraries” (link), so is it safe to use ?

Lawnchair v1.x (via F-Droid) is considered old but I still use it on a couple of ROMs.
Lawnchair v2.x (via Play Store & Aurora Store) is fine. If it has any undesirable trackers you can deal with them. I don’t remember if it has any, though.

I’m running Librechair on my Pi/e/. It’s okay. Technically I’ve never been a fan of Nexus/Pixel based launchers but anyway…
The parsing error may be because the apk is corrupt or is for a certain version of Android, Q probably. Kind of confusing now to get the right download. I’m using 3eac801b17-dev version.

Ok, thanks. I don’t think that the apk is corrupted, because I tried two different versions and had this message with both of them.

Where can you download the different versions of Librechair ? I didn’t find the apk files on gitlab. On the Telegram releases channel, all files have the same name and the two latest didn’t work for me (/e/ Oreo on a Samsung S9). Do you know how to download the correct version ?

If I remember correctly, Librechair may be for Pie and up. All of my ROMs except one are Oreo and below. I too received the parse errors back when I first wanted to give it a try.
I thought how can it be an alternative to Lawnchair if it doesn’t run on Nougat or Oreo.

I’ll test the couple of apks that I have on Oreo to confirm if that’s the case.

Ok, thank you very much ! :smiley:

Are there other people that uses Lawnchair on /e/ ?

You can utilize OpenLancher which is from F droid and FOSS. someone told me it is equivalent to LibreChair.