LeOS-Q-x86 -- ungoogled x86 A10 available

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@NoName161: Today I was surprised to find out that harvey186 is not a member of this forum anymore. But for some reason I have the feeling he is back again :wink:

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Nope, but I’m a fan of his work.

cool, now e.foundation is hiding Posts which are reporting from other OS. Great !!!

This is a system spam check which is triggered when multiple accounts are created and user account supports posts made by the other user account.

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I think you have to check your files. I only own one account !!!

And why is only my post about LeOS a ‘Spam’ ?? The ‘system’ should also notice my ‘double’ accounts when I answer or post other things. And not only on LeOS posts, right ? Does e.foundation has so much fear of LeOS ??