LeOS the new ungoogled OS :) updated version Nov. 13 - now with Seedvault

LeOS is based on AOSP R (Android 11). I have removed all google calls (who finds which, please report). I also removed almost all default apps.
I have integrated MicroG as far as possible. Unfortunately not all options work with MicroG yet, but as soon as the Android 11 patches are available I will integrate them.
(Note, by pressing the individual options you can access them. That means you have to go through all MicroG options in the ‘Self Test’ once)
At the moment the OS is rooted. But root can be removed quickly and easily via the setting / Phh Trebble Settings / Securize.

The Total Launcher gives an bubble message brcause it will need access to location (don’t know why) I have already contacted the developer and asked why location access is needed

I have installed the OS on my MiMax5s Plus, Mi Note 6 Plus and MiMax 3 and tested all basic functions. The Note 6 plus requires flashing the Permissiver.zip to boot.

The permissiver is only needed if you are running into a bootloop. You can try it, you won’t break anything. Same with the versions. if a is not working, try b. you have nothing to loose :wink:

I would be happy if many people would test the LeOS and give feedback.

LeOS Community is growing. Visit at: Telegram Group


Pretty neat name! Easy to remember.

Indeed, interesting name.
@harvey186, just remind me,

  • arm64-avS is A-only
  • arm64-bvS is B-only
  • arm64aeN is A+B


@harvey186, the fact that you test your LeOS 'R’ builds on your own devices makes the work even more interesting. I will try out your A/B version on a Mi A2 over the weekend. The builds of LOS 17.1 and LineageOS-17.1-for-microG are already running.

I prefer not encrypted ROMs. As far as I know you do too. So there is a good chance that you will release an unencrypted version soon.

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Andy Yan’s personal builds // GSI show me an understandable description of codenames.

欢迎 / Welcome

代号 / codename 描述 / description 简写 / shorthand
treble_arm_av* ARM 32-bit, A-only 32A
treble_arm_bv* ARM 32-bit, AB 32B
treble_a64_av* ARM 32-bit with 64-bit binder, A-only A64A
treble_a64_bv* ARM 32-bit with 64-bit binder, AB A64B
treble_arm64_av* ARM 64-bit, A-only 64A
treble_arm64_bv* ARM 64-bit, AB 64B
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If your this good, you should be on eOS’s development team. :smile:

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Oh no, please don’t! An independent @harvey186 can act much more flexible than an official member of the d/e/velopment t/e/am.

The /e/Team gives me the impression that it is a democratic bureaucratic apparatus, with endless internal discussions, comparable to a government agency.

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MY versions are unencrypted. :slight_smile:

#metoo :wink: :rofl: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have the LeOS Q gsi running currently, do I just dirty flash the R gsi ?

No sorry, clean install is needed

I love this kind of good news!
Thank you. However I’m not an expert at all, is it possible to have a tutorial for flash a phone (Samsung S6 edge+) for example?

@SuzieQ you have tried a lot on Samsung devices. Could you help him/her?

Where do I get the vendor image for Xiaomi? I would like to install it on a device that became Treble enabled after it was actually published (Redmi 4x)

Vendor images you can get from https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/

I know, but my phone was initially not delivered with a Treble-ROM. So nothing in Xiaomi’s database…

I’m curious to know what makes you say that.

I have the impression that there are problems of communication with the community, particularly on development priorities. For example, I have a Galaxy S7 bought on e.foundation and it took several months before it was announced that the upgrade to Oreo would not be OTA.

Looks cool, too bad I’ve always been scared to flash a device :laughing:

In this list, your device is shown as a arm64 a only device.
Have run treble checker app?

I would check web or xda if there is a way to treblize your device. I have done it with my Mi5d pklus and LeOS R runs on it very good

I know, I have done that already with another one. But didn’t fine THE solution for the 4x, I just thought you have maybe a magic generic solution…