LG G5 for daily use

Hey guys,

I am very happy that I finally found a project like this, I’ve heart about lineageOS but never dared to install it, especially if you then have to install GAPPS anyways. Unfortunately I am not super techi.

So my main question is, how reliable this version is for the LG G5 h850? Is it usable as a daily OS, which offers all the main functions as GPS, bluetooth, VideoCalls, NFC etc. and Apps like carsharing etc?
And I just saw that Archje opened a topic, that i.e. bluetooth is not working for LG G5??

Would very much appreciate if you can share your experiences and answer my concerns :slight_smile:

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Hey, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Try to find how to flash the stock ROM (the official LG firmware), and restore your phone. This way, you will know how to come back to the official firmware in case it goes wrong in the installation process of /e/ or LineageOS, and learn things.

Then, try to install /e/ OS and see by yourself if everything is working. Nobody was born techi.

Hello @Bomit,
that is unfortunately a misinterpretation on your part. My user experiences refer to LineageOS 17.1 and not /e/ OS e-0.7-n(ougat). /e/ OS runs fine…

Hello Archje,
thanks for the clarification. I’ll keep an eye on your topic for the latest development :wink:

thanks for the tips, I am curious to find out and learn, I have some time at the moment. It’s just that I just have one main phone for daily use, not a second phone to tinker around with.

Hej @Bomit, how about a test?

Hi, @Bomit

If you have copied your personnal photos, music,…blablabla…on a sd-card or on your PC.
and updated your stock rom firmware.
when you will have changed the recovery software to TWRP, you will be able to backup your stock phone system with your actual apps and preferences.
And you could restore it at any moments you want

Correct me if i am wrong or unclear @archje

Hej @piero, please don’t misunderstand me, but I don’t feel called to correct other people. I share my experiences with others legally. Our opinions can and may differ.

The exchange from LG Android Recovery to TWRP Recovery requires unlocking the bootloader first. This is very easy. BUT - unlocking the bootloader deletes all data on your device!

After this “Factrory reset” the device has to be set up completely new, starting with region, date, time, …, WLAN … etc…What remains after the unlocking is a screen filling hint:


Before you continue, make sure that the data you want to keep is backed up on your PC and/or an online drive.

Excuse me please. Archje.
I wanted to be reassuring to bomit about his daily device and encourage him to test /e/. However, I was afraid to give him incomplete information. You were on the topic and you know LG devices very well.

I wasn’t aware that unlocking the bootloader would erase the whole phone, I only believed the /boot partition, rewritten immediately by flashing TWRP.

On my old Samsung devices (s4mini and Tab 2), the bootloader was not locked and I could easily backup the Samsung 4.1.2. system from the tablet with TWRP and restore it to check (it’s true that I had never used the device with the manufacturer’s system, so there was nothing important storing on the /data partition).

Often I backup and restore systems that I installed myself thanks to TWRP (including my customizations written on the /data partition).

I must learn to be careful with the advice I give.

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