Librem Social and Librem Mail apps now in f-droid

Added 29-May-2019. Any experiences using the previous versions from “big box” app stores? Comments on their services? Competition is good. :slight_smile: But I suspect their new phone may be delayed.

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I haven’t used their email service but Social is rebranded Tusky & Chat is rebranded Riot. Both work fine but I switched to the original apps on the assumption that updates would probably come more quickly.

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Maybe I’ll try Tusky. Their app wanted to use a browser for authentication, and it didn’t work for me.

Riot looks OK, but I’m avoiding non-free net services as much as possible.

The bloom wilted from the rose when all the trackers on their site appeared, and they use discourse forums too. :frowning:


I’m not sure I understand. Librem Chat & Librem Social services are free (as in beer.) The apps are open source (and possibly even free as in freedom - you’d have to check.) Their email app is rebranded K9 although Librem email is a paid service. I use the Chat & Social via Riot & Tusky but haven’t signed up for their email or VPN.

It’s a back end server issue. You mentioned Riot. See anti-features in f-droid or at the link. (Welcome to Riot: a new world of open communication!) -

Oh I see. What exactly is the “integration server”?

My interpretation is it’s the default server you would use with the app to “integrate” your connections with other services like IRC, slack, telegram,… It’s apparently possible to run your own server, and know more about what it’s doing behind the curtains. Otherwise, it seems you’re trusting “New Vector Limited” or whoever runs the central server you use.

Hmmm. Not sure but I think it’s the identity server. I’ve just looked in the settings and my home server is the Librem One chat server but the identity server is the New Vector one.