Limited To The Amount Of Posts You Can Make?


I’m being limited to being able to only make 2 posts a day. Why am I being limited, is this a new user restriction, or it’s always like this?

I didn’t see any Forum Rules anywhere pertaining to this. I’ve never ever once, run across any forums restricting people so harshly like this.

This is quite frustrating, as I’m trying to figure out various things in the ROM, also dealing with bugs and looking for solutions, etc…

And I seriously need to post without being restricted like this.

I hope someone will reply and let me know what is going on?


that just how the forum software handles new Users, you’ll quickly outgrow that rate limit after the first 24hrs

see section “First day user” at Understanding user statuses, roles, and permissions - Docs - Discourse Meta

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Ok thanks for the reply.

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