Lineage OS dropped support for OnePlus 5 and 5T

Lineage OS dropped support for OnePlus 5 and 5T, will I get security updates from /e/ OS or will it also cease ?

The eFoundation doesn’t plan to drop the support of the supported devices.
Every device on the list will continue to have security updates, and major updates.

Of course I guess one day it will change because in 3 years I’m not sure the Galaxy S4 will still be usable.

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Thank you for the reassurance.

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Oneplus 5 and 5T are not in the list of removed 16.0 devices as of 1. April. From where did you get the information that LineageOS had dropped them?

No! OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) and OnePlus 5T (dumpling) will be further developed in LOS 16.0. Only the OTA update intervals have been extended from "N"ightly to "W"eekly, which is more than sufficient for me and still an excellent service. /e/ can continue to develop on LOS 16.0 basis.

Ah okay, thanks for the info @archje @moose . I didn’t know about the weekly build. I thought they do only nightly.

Much appreciated