LineageOS 20 is out, up to /e/OS T 😁

That 's fast! I didn’t expect this until April 2023…


Ha! That is quick. New years day builds out for a lot of Oneplus devices.
Out of curiosity I’m trying to see if there is any way to spot new devices being added, such as Pixel 6 series.
Maybe they just get added to the build roster without fanfare.

It’s coming soon:

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Good news. Hope the devices currently running S would be added to the list.

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The pixel 6 series is still under development.
There are builds for the pixel 6a


iodeOS is on Android 13 in using LineageOS 20 too.

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Not yet they’re not. This was in an email I received yesterday

iodéOS 4 is currently being beta tested and is planned to be released by the end of January. As you probably know by now, iodéOS is based on Android, and more particularly on LineageOS. And with Android 13 (LineageOS 20) coming out, we‘re close to follow.

Yes saw it on Twitter and read it too fast. But it’s in the pipe.

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