LineageOs-microg + Magisk + NextCloud client + davx5 + task + FDroid + YalpStore = ? e


I have to say I’m a bit lost in the /e/ functionnalities.

I’d be glad if someone could give me some feedback.
So currently I’m using on all the phones: LineageOs-microg + Magisk + NextCloud client + davx5 + task + FDroid + YalpStore.

For people who know well this kind of configuration, could you tell me if you’ve adopted /e/ if it’s the equivalent.

I do need Magisk for Adaway, BackgroundRestrictor, Battery Charge Limit, Yalp Store…


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First, yalp isn’t naintained since month. Better swsp to aurora.

Now to your question. e is a fork of lineage. has ‘ungoogled’ lineage. So it is (will be) a googlefree OS.
It has the same features as LOS and it incl. also microG.
If you want know more about ungoogled e you shout read a lttle here

We should understand that LineageOS is not completely privacy enabled ROM. In its ultimate goal, eOS must include some improvements that will compensate LineageOS’s drawbacks so making eOS really different product. In addition, over time eOS should become self-based ROM. But it’s still a long way off.

Nice dream :wink:

But not mine dream, at least. So much has been said about that here, so you can believe it’s a real goal in the road map.

I think i have to read thebroadmap / milestone pkane again, because i never have read it🤔

Thank you for the links.
Very interesting and particularly the InfoSec Handbook blog review.

I think I’m going to switch to eOS very soon.

My actually smartphone (Moto G4+ Athene) has about the same functionalities (microg, fdroid, NextCloud client and davx5, no gapps) but it might be very convenient to have all of this in an unified OS.

When I heard about this project from Gael Duval I immediately thought that it was a necessity for not every people have time/will/ability to install alternate roms on their smartphones, install a NextCloud server even if they’re at the same time very concerned about the protection of their personal data.

So I may be as enthusiastic as I was running Mandrake Linux years ago.

Thank you again guys.

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