[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

MicroG keeps stopping on my Samsung7, eg with Tutamail and PayPal, but it doesn’t seem to prevent these apps actually working. Tutamail, and some other apps, do often randomly stop working and sometimes have to be Force Stopped in Settings>Apps then started up again.

Possibly a silly question: how do I know if an application even tries to use microG? Is there a log somewhere were I can check which app tried to make which API call?

If the app uses Google Cloud Messaging (and is registered in Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging), you know it uses at least one Google API.

But indeed it’s not obvious. This list is basically a list of apps working or not, and when an app doesn’t work there is high chance it is due to the lack of support of Google APIs by MicroG.


In the above list I see the NPO app (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep: Dutch Public Broadcasting) as working with microg. For me, it always used to work, up until the updates from version 0.2.11 en 0.2.12. The app opens and I can browse, until I click on an actual program. Then the app forcecloses. Seems a similar issue to: https://www.reddit.com/r/MicroG/comments/itds0a/fakestore_causing_apps_to_crash_bbs_sounds/ where this forceclosing is suggested to be linked to firebase messaging.
Another app which doesn’t work for me (the only other one of all my apps) is the app for the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Ok, thank you for clarifying this.

I cannot see the link to edit the table. These apps are working:

Garmin Connect
Zoho Mail
Zoho Notebook
Podcast Republic
Fujifilm Camera Remote
Qustodio Parental Controls (Parent App)
Bank of America (US)
Chase Bank (US)
Capital One (US)

No working
Flipboard (works but I cannot click the button to log in by email).


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To make it easier I’ve just added your apps to the wiki for you. Hope that was ok.


Struggling with Castbox and MS Outlook email account. Do you have any experience with those two? I don’t want to add them to the list, if it’s only my encountered problem.

Latest version of microg ( fixes the forceclosing in NPO is fixed - probably because of ‘partial support for Firebase authentication’. So good news.

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I just leave this link here:


I could add some apps I guess. But I first need to understand what is the exact definition of “works with microG”.
I would like to see a page where the settings of microG are explained, especially :
– Account = none
– Google device registration = Enabled
– Google Cloud Messaging = OFF
– Google SafetyNet = Enabled / official server
What does this exactly mean?
What settings are acceptable for putting an app on one of the two lists?

I also ask this, because there seem to be different methods to install, like is described in Aurora Store Install Methods.

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I’m wondering what is the status of the Wire messenger.

The Wire app itself works, but push notifications do not work. I’m not sure if it’s microG related or not.

Is Wire using Google in order to deliver push notifications or does it comes with a built-in notification system ?

Check if Wire is registered in Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud messaging.

Thanks. Nope, Wire wasn’t registered for me. Actually there was nothing registered. I really like apps like Signal, Tutanota, Proton client, etc., which do not require this service.

What is the meaning of “-” in the gg column ?
Could we make it more explicit, ie “gg req’d” as column title, and “yes” or “no” as value ?

Wire has an advanced setting “Maintain connection to server”. It works well for me to get push notifications.

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gg means Google Account needed
yes (you need to add a google account in MicroG settings)
no (no google account needed)
- (anonymous login possible)