[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

Latest version of microg ( fixes the forceclosing in NPO is fixed - probably because of ‘partial support for Firebase authentication’. So good news.

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Sorry for bothering, I only want to add my personal findings to the table :slight_smile:

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I just leave this link here:


I could add some apps I guess. But I first need to understand what is the exact definition of “works with microG”.
I would like to see a page where the settings of microG are explained, especially :
– Account = none
– Google device registration = Enabled
– Google Cloud Messaging = OFF
– Google SafetyNet = Enabled / official server
What does this exactly mean?
What settings are acceptable for putting an app on one of the two lists?

I also ask this, because there seem to be different methods to install, like is described in Aurora Store Install Methods.

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I’m wondering what is the status of the Wire messenger.

The Wire app itself works, but push notifications do not work. I’m not sure if it’s microG related or not.

Is Wire using Google in order to deliver push notifications or does it comes with a built-in notification system ?

Check if Wire is registered in Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud messaging.

Thanks. Nope, Wire wasn’t registered for me. Actually there was nothing registered. I really like apps like Signal, Tutanota, Proton client, etc., which do not require this service.

What is the meaning of “-” in the gg column ?
Could we make it more explicit, ie “gg req’d” as column title, and “yes” or “no” as value ?

Wire has an advanced setting “Maintain connection to server”. It works well for me to get push notifications.

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gg means Google Account needed
yes (you need to add a google account in MicroG settings)
no (no google account needed)
- (anonymous login possible)


I’ve added some Belgian banking apps, they seem to be working just fine
Argenta Bank and Belfius do work on Pie and Q.
Payconiq by Bancontact only works on Q and you have to disable Android debugging in Developer Options

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

I just found out that Whatsapp doesn’t need MicroG.
Therefore, i think listing apps that work with MicroG is useless.
Only a list of apps that do not work with MicroG makes sense to me.

It makes sense to collect working apps as well, for interested users that want to check if apps they require will work after switching from stock ROM to /e/.

That’s the idea behind this collection.


Working apps = (apps) - (apps not working with microG)
So why list working apps?

Because that’d imply that every app not listed is a working app.

I see what you mean. All apps haven’t been tested. We could not cover all the apps of the world. So every time a new app is tested, we put it either in the working or in the non-working category.
My point is that I would add an additional category: the ‘does not need MicroG’ category. We think that MicroG enables Whatsapp to work with /e/ but it is not true. MicroG has no influence on Whatsapp. Whatsapp would work just the same without it.

This isn’t really important for /e/ as it always includes microG. I see where you come from, but this OS isn’t intended to be used without it - to offer broad compatibility I assume (it’s part of the philosophy to have /e/ usable for “mums and dads”).

If this was about Lineage OS, it’d be a different story and I’d fully support your request.

If absence of microG is a requirement for you you probably should either be ready for testing apps by yourself or maybe try other ROMs that better fit your needs. Sorry if this sounds harsh, it’s not meant to be.

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