Locked device after reboot

I have a fairphone with /e/os pre-installed.

I have used it for about a month with fingerprints as the main unlocking system and password as the second unlocking system.

Last time it ran out of battery, after turning it back on it asked for my password but it reported an invalid password.

I’m pretty sure the password I entered is the right one but any attempt gives the same result.

What can I do ?

Note : I already contacted support@e.email but got no answer.

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The helpdesk ID is helpdesk@e.email

Hi @Nonoreve, and welcome to the forum.
Just to understand: the password you have to type now is not the PIN of your SIM, that’s right?

gonna check again, just to be sure but i’m pretty sure it does ask for my password, not the sim pin.

can confirm the sim pin nor the phone password are working