Locus Map, the superior outdoor tool works on /e/! :-)

The one and only app that I missed on my degoogled /e/-smartphone was the awesome “Locus Map”, which I used with a pro-subscription for many years. No other map-app has so much facettes and details for hiking, biking and driving, for route-planning, tracking and traveling. With no other app you can choose from so much maps, from OSM to commercial hiking maps!

Good news today: Locus Map 4 works fine without Google Play Store with my existing “pro-subscription”! I can download and use maps from the store with already payed Locus-Points. I’m very happy!

The only problem so far: What will happen, after the subscrbition? I already cancelled my Google (Play Store) account. As far as the very friendly czech support of Locus Map told me, they are planning subscritions without Google Play Store in the next month.

So, if you want to check out what’s in it for you, here you will find the apk’s for manual install:

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judging by the points of interest around me, it looks like they’re using (outdated) OpenStreetMap data, but they don’t really mention it anywhere, which is disapppointing.

Maybe, but I’m not using OSM in LocusMap. I prefer the “LoMaps” which are really great to me.

oh, I haven’t noticed that there’s a setting to change the map source. it does mention OSM there so I rescind my previous statement.

still, I’m sticking with Organic Maps as it’s good enough for my needs.

This could be one of the biggest advantages of LocusMap: You can load a wide variety of maps - from OSM to commercial hiking maps from well-known publishers.