Login to Google Apps no longer possible - MicroG too old?

A few days ago my installed Google Apps (in particular Youtube) have stopped working and I am no longer able to sign into my Google account using these apps.

I have removed apps and Google account from my XA2. After re-installing Youtube, I am redirected to MicroG for signing in. This works in so far as that the Google account is now listed under System/Accounts. However, Youtube doesn’t get logged in but simply hangs. After stopping and restarting the app it doesn’t show the account I just logged in. If I repeat the step of signing-in, MicroG complains that the account already exists…
From what I understand, MicroG is bundled with /e/ in a quite old version (
I just noted that there is a similar bug reportet at the microG poject:

But even if that bug gets fixed, how can we update microG on /e/?