Looking to replace your goolag/outlook/yahoo email with a privacy-focused email service?

Interesting read about all of the different email providers. This person goes in depth with all the email providers privacy policies etc. Surprising as some are not as private as you may think…



That’s why I’m more and more convinced to host all my stuff back home.
It’s not a simple task but I’ll get there!

There was some interesting info in this talk about email tracking also:

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I made this step away from my Gmail account recently. One website was a good help for me making my decision opting for a new provider: https://proprivacy.com/email/reviews. They are reviewing various ‘alternative’ email providers and they are updating their reviews from time to time.

Why not just get your own domain, so you can host your emails at any hosting provider…? There are many focused on privacy.

That said, I really like /e/ too for email, given that it’s 5gb for free + integration with /e/ services + the whole organization focuses on privacy.

If somebody chooses VPN or Email provider, there is probably no better resource than That One Privacy Site. Just take a look: there are currently 48 email providers in its interactive comparison table evaluated by 45 criteria.

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I actually took the time to read through that page, but considering how often I see it recommended I think I’m the only one who actually did. I really don’t want to get into details (it does take a while to go through all of the options) but is just basically a big rant over and over about how services collect and/or use your data.

Some services are completely bashed: “However, the service [paranoid] has no privacy policy , so you can’t know what do they actually store.”

While other he recommends… " Autistici has no actual privacy policy ! So we have to rely on some snippets found throughout the site:"

The whole thing is full of inconsistencies like this one. It’s just a big, incredibly biased rant with absolutely no proof about many of the claims made, other than comparing the privacy policies of such services (which again, is a lot of effort and takes time and I respect that investment).

That said, I do agree with a few points like how services like Gmail are flat out designed to gather as much data as possible. But this isn’t something new, nor adds to the credibility of the site.

Hosting your email is actually not as easy as it seems: hosting your web server, running the email service, setting up your domain name, etc… that’s one thing. The tricky part comes when your emails are getting filtered as spam and may not reach their destination at all (and that includes emails sent to you as well).

I find one of the most useful and updated lists to be at Privacy Tools. They also have a very active community where you can ask questions and discuss any of the recommended services.


I have " Never" been asked to identify myself in “Any” way by Protonmail.
This looks fake, a Phish
I have multiple proton accounts, and have had it installed on my cell phones.

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I must say that I was never asked to identify myself either.
I had 2 Protonmail accounts and just created the third using captcha

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I also read the whole article and yes there is some stuff I don’t agree with, but you read things like this and also other such articles then you can form an opinion based on everything as a whole, not just take one piece of advice as the be all end all. I like that other people have shared other articles in this thread also cause then it can be one thread where you can get multiple sources of info to make a better informed decision when choosing an email provider. :slight_smile: