Lost mobile network (Xiaomi mi8, Russia, Maps, modem, 0.21-20220124158734)

Hi, after upgrade on 0.21-20220124158734 sometime i’ve trouble with lost mobile signal. I mean, trouble in modem work while using Maps app (Ver. (probably when switching mobile cell). It’s tried on different mobile networks. After reset WiFi/mobile setting, issue is gone. This issue appeared in new firmware 0.21-20220124158734.
i’m using Xiaomi MI8 Global, Russia> Moscow area.

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you mean - specifically when using Maps (and only Maps) you lose the mobile data connection? - and only get it back by disabling and re-enabling mobile-data?

Could be a gps bug of the modem? Maps is really the MagicEarth app, they have a self help article if your ISP is blocking magicearth endpoints and you think it is offline… Cannot use Magic Earth with mobile data - Magic Earth - or do you see the symbol dropping to disconnected during usage?

This issue begun after using navigation longtime (maps (magicEarth), yandex.maps) + charging phone. Maybe overheats, but it does’t seem when touching …