Lost or missing spreadsheeet data

i am horrified… Spent 6+ last night on a spreadsheet that i find today with 3 lines only! Even less than when i started!
I’m sure i pressed the onlyoffice save button multiple times including before ending the session.
What’s happening? Anything that can be done?

debian testing+web (ephiphany-browser)

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is the force save enabled on the server?

thanks for raising this, filing a backlog issue and warning others. I’m not yet a user of this, but had a stab it if spreadsheets somehow saves iterations in a browserside cache to rescue from, but there’s no sign to this, just IDs for serverside storage. Looks like the work is gone I’m afraid.

Hi Joao,

sorry to hear this. We tested the different save/force save settings in OnlyOffice after a similar report and we found out that the current settings are the best they can be. However, knowing this problem can still happen on some edge case we will check this again to understand which such cases can be.

Please write to helpdesk@e.email from your e.email account if possible so we can try to recover your spreadsheet from our snapshots.

Kind regards,

I added some more details to the ticket you opened, after I re-checked our settings are fine and make it really hard to have some data loss. If you are able to find a specific scenario where data loss can be reproduced, feel free to reopen the ticket and we will investigate.

Tks for checking. Not sure what else to add… Lost confidence. even if the issue was another open tab, the app should detect the input from the other and update in real-time… If the issue cannot be tracked and fixed i cannot rely on this. For now have changed to davfs2 (slow AF), recreated the sheet with LibreOffice without issues or data loss.
This is a loss also on product features. I can no longer use this online office and will have to find an alternative and because cloud and online office are coupled together likely also means leaving ecloud which is a shame i was quite happy and planning on letting go of my private domain to use a paid e.email subscription.

Sorry to hear. I didn’t see your message on helpdesk, but one of my colleagues checked our snapshots. He wanted to write to you to confirm the file path of the problematic spreadsheet, since on snapshots the modification timestamp didn’t change for one XLS he found.

There could be some explanations for the issue you saw, like a connectivity loss on your side which wasn’t noticed (there is no banner on the app, that could be an improvement, only warning when quitting) or some sync client overriding your work from an older version. We don’t have all the information but as I wrote simply with the online editor it is virtually impossible to lose data.

If you provide us more information on helpdesk@e.email we will be happy to investigate more.

Kind regards,

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